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Facility Air Management

Install our Ionizing & Fragrance Unit to breathe Dust Free, Fresh, Fragrant Air all day long & Join the Family of Happy Fresh Fragrance Companies.

Let us add to the Olfactory Appeal of your Facility by adding pleasant Fragrances to your Ambience at the most Economical cost.

We revolutionize the way you drive away unpleasant odours, that will leave your facility Fresh, Hygienic & Inviting

Does your existing unit offer ?

  • lonizes the air & neutralizes pollutants
  • Provides respiratory comfort by eliminating Cigarette & other Unpleasant Odors
  • Anti Bacterial - Reduces spread of air borne Diseases like Cold & Flu
  • lmproves Air Humidity & Reduces occurrences of Asthma
  • Most Economical when compared to Cost per Sq ft
  • Provides continuos Fragrance not at Intervals
  • Free Replacement & Maintenance


Try our unique Zero Investment Model that offers

Freedom from

Purchasing Unit
Purchasing Consumables
Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance Plan:

We have various plans to suit your budget, from small Units covering 250 sq ft to bigger units covering 1000 sq ft for larger facilities.

Cost for Unit covering 1000 sq ft is:

Monthly basis Rs. 3000  x 1    =     3,000
Quarterly basis Rs.2750  x 3    =     8,250
Half Yearly basis Rs.2450  x 6    =   14,700
Annual Basis Rs.1850  x 12  =   22,200

Cost for Unit covering 250 sq ft is:

Monthly basis Rs.1200  x 1   =  1,200
Quarterly basisRs.1100  x 3   =  3,300
Half Yearly basisRs.   950  x 6   =  5,700
Annual Basis Rs.  750  x 12 =  9,000

  • Term of Contract

  • All Amounts are payable in advance at the Time of Installation

  • The Fragrances Kit provided will last for 30 days.

  • Fresh Stock of Fragrances will be sent via Courier Every 30 days against Payment on Delivery mode.

  • Only Company branded products to be used.

  • The Unit is covered against all Electrical/Motor Failure,Not physical damage due to negligence while handling.

  • Damaged Units will not be taken back, they have to be purchased by the client at prevailing rates.

  • Each Unit covers up to 800 sq ft area, for a bigger facility additional units on the above terms will be required.

  • This Service is currently available in Mumbai & Pune.
  • Contact

          Ground Floor, Shakina Manzil,
          Behind Golden Star Thali Restaurant, Charni Road East
          Mumbai 400004,


       Mob : +91 9967493038
       Tel : 022 64185001
       Email : assist@aromablendz.com
       Email : aromablendz@yahoo.com

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